How To Optimize a BAS To Improve Efficiency

Written by: Rita Tatum, Facilitiesnet, 1/22/2018

10 ways to make your smart building smarter – industry validates SmartLocus approach.

Corporate Investment in Intelligent Building Technologies Provides Impactful, Cost-Effective Approach to Sustainability, According to Navigant Research

Another validation for investing in analytics for smart buildings to make them smarter has a strong ROI.

Cut U.S. commercial building energy use 29% with widespread controls

Written by: Frances White, PNNL

PNNL validates that existing buildings can save 29% more energy (on average) with existing BAS

Survey Reveals Retailers Ready for Smart Building Solutions

Written by: Greg Fasullo

Another industry seeing the benefits of Smart Buildings to manage the complexity of commercial space (for real savings).

Three reasons the commercial buildings market is ready for AI

Three Reasons the Commercial Buildings Market is Ready for AI

Written by: Casey Talon

This research (by Navigant) is another explanation of the benefits to making your building smarter by adding AI to your existing building automation solution.

Are energy-efficient building technologies reaching their stride?

Written by: Tom Machinchick

Timely article suggesting that energy-efficient buildings and building technologies may be reaching their stride (aka mainstream adoption). In a cited survey “72% of the respondents in Johnson Controls’ 2016 Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI) Survey anticipate an increase in investments in energy efficiency”.

10 Trends for Intelligent Buildings in 2017 and Beyond
Digital Transformation and Market Evolution

Source: Navigant Research Q1’17

This research (by Navigant) is a timely assessment of the state of the market and the keys for market transformation entering 2017

DeepMind AI reduces energy used for cooling Google data centers by 40%

Written by: Rich Evans, Research Engineer, Deep Mind and Jim Gao, Data Center Engineer, Google

This paper demonstrates that the “most efficient” systems can be significantly improved with smart software with machine learning.