Why SmartLocus?

For a building to maintain comfort, there must be a precise balance between the amount of energy needed (Demand) and the BAS system delivery (Supply) of heating/cooling resources. Sounds simple, but because buildings are complex with continuously changing conditions, a new approach is required to ensure the right heating/cooling resources are delivered to the right place at the right time.

SmartLocus delivers a modern solution that incorporates Big Data technologies to ensure that your buildings are comfortable and efficient while saving money and energy.

Fundamentally New Approach

Using Deep Machine Learning technologies, SmartLocus services identify relationships between all of the sensor inputs (thermostats, VAV terminals, central plant/RPU, weather, solar radiance, and others) and proactively predicts Demand at the zone level. This enables BAS Supply resources to work more efficiently (such as air movement versus cooling/heating), reducing overall energy consumption substantially. SmartLocus communicates with the existing BAS to ensure building management policies are maintained and the Supply precisely equals the Demand. By proactively aligning the Supply resources to where and when the Demand is required, hot/cold spots are eliminated and the overall system uses less energy while simplifying the operational management of the building.


Elimination of hot/cold spots

Improves the occupant experience and productivity. Comfort preferences are learned and balanced for all occupants.

No CapEx

Our SaaS solution requires no additional resources or hardware and is complementary to the existing BAS.

Simplified building management

It’s like a virtual assistant in every zone! Take the complexity out of everyday tasks and focus on the most important actions for better building operations.

Proactive management

Zone-level proactive management means more productivity and greater occupant satisfaction by addressing problems before they arise.

Engagement Process

Step One


SmartLocus establishes a secure, encrypted connection with the existing BAS. No additional hardware or sensing devices required.

Step Two


SmartInsights acquires BAS data. This is data-collection-only mode and is transparent to building operations.

Step Three


Once the service has collected enough data, SmartInsights service is available to generate analytics for building operations and opportunities.

Step Four


SmartSimplicity proactively optimizes building operations to simply management while maintaining comfort and energy policies.