Advanced Analytics

Today’s enterprise Building Automation Systems (BAS) optimize the conversion of electricity or gas into cooling/heating “supply” resources while relying on static set points to represent the “demand” for spaces under constant change. SmartInsights uses existing sensing devices and data sources to create a detailed, zone-level view into building interactions and potential problems areas. These insights are essential to efficient building operations by providing data-driven decisions into issues that would typically go undetected.

Based on predictive deep machine learning and Big Data technologies, SmartInsights uses granular data—not trending data—collected from the BAS, combined with other data sources such as weather, occupancy, and others to deliver on-demand, tailored-to-your-needs data analysis and reporting. SmartInsights service benefits include:

  • Faster problem identification and root cause definition
  • Reduced day-to-day operational costs
  • Opportunities for additional comfort improvements
  • Energy savings

Examples of SmartInsights Analytics Reporting

SmartInsights service offers unique, granular insights into the complex behavior of buildings and the tools for improved comfort and energy savings.

Scheduled or on-demand pre-defined analytics

Reports are indexed and selectable by building, floor(s), suite(s), and individual zone(s). Comparison charts are also available.

Energy consumption

Calculated at the zone level, both heating and cooling indexed and selectable by building, floor(s), suite(s), and individual zone(s). with multiple views and can suggest potential energy savings actions.

Proactive hot/cold spot management

Set point recommendations and proactive management to reduce complaints from occupants. Optional SmartSimplicity can automate the recommendations.

Comfort and energy

Creating a more comfortable and productive environment may require different set point limits in different zones. SmartInsights recommends appropriate adjustments.

Reports tailored to facilities managers

For example, number of heating and cooling hours in a past period and the amount of time that a zone(s) was outside limits.

Reports tailored to chief engineers

The system provides information about zones that don’t heat or cool when the temperature is out of range, highlighting problems before the BAS crashes.

Intelligent alarms and problem identification

Ability to intelligently report the type of failures, including those from sensors, dampers, fans, or other mechanical components.

Operational inefficiency

SmartInsights provides troubleshooting tools to understand problems—such as pinpointing cold areas—and take action to solve it without adding more equipment.

Equipment out of spec

SmartSimplicity establishes the baseline and compares specification parameters with real operational values. It also indicates if equipment performs less efficiently over time.