What We Do

We make your building smarter.

Make your work place more productive while saving time and money.

What You Get

Happy tenants. Improved occupant comfort, no complaints, no churn.

Happy building managers. Simplified maintenance and energy management, improved occupant productivity, and full occupancy.

Happy CFOs. All at a lower operational cost.


How it Works

We complement your existing Building Automation System (BAS) with available data sources to understand what’s happening and what will happen. We use Deep Machine Learning and Big Data analytics to identify problems and solutions to efficiently get the right resources to the right place at the right time.

Building Engineers

Simplify building maintenance. Improve tenant comfort and reduce complaints.
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Energy Managers

Reduce energy consumption for both cooling and heating. Improve carbon footprint.
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Facilities Managers

Focus on overall decision making and control. Expedite and simplify routine operational tasks.
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Financial Planners

Reduce operational and energy costs. Improve tenant satisfaction and occupancy.
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It’s Efficient

We dramatically reduce energy consumption and provide detailed insights into building behavior.

It’s Secure

We model buildings for future evolution and protect the system from potential failure and mismanagement risks.

It’s Easy

We empower people to focus on overall decision making and control instead of the routine operational tasks of building management.

It’s Smart

We unlock the power of machine learning to turn conventional commercial buildings into smart buildings.

No Risk

No upfront investment, no hardware, no additional resources required. We simply complement existing building systems and make them better.