Simplicity DR

There’s a reason we named it Simplicity DR: we’ve made demand response events ridiculously easy. Simply enter into our management interface how much you need to save and Simplicity DR calculates everything automatically and adjusts the settings within your building for optimal balance between comfort and energy savings. Your tenants will be more comfortable than they would be under traditional methods of implementing DR requirements. Other benefits include:

Lower electricity rate tier

Save money by choosing which electricity tier fits your needs best, even during utility on-demand periods.

Reduce energy use

Intelligent, simplified electricity reduction capability during on-demand periods.


Simplicity DR serves as an excellent pre-planning tool for both future events and for tier decision making.

Energy utilities have programs in place to deal with anticipated system-wide energy shortages. Typically, this requires lots of pre-planning work and manual configuration of the systems to respond to the demand response (DR) and may require additional equipment installation. By receiving a DR inquiry, Simplicity DR issues a report about the savings that could be achieved and impact to the building set points. By simplifying the planning and execution of DR events, the impact to personnel and occupants is minimized while enabling wider adoption of DR programs and typically higher energy savings. The process of achieving and managing the actual (versus projected) savings and mitigating any impact to occupants can be automatically managed by SmartSimplicity.