Proactive Optimization

SmartSimplicity service provides an automated, real-time service to enhance occupant comfort, simplify building operations, and enable significant energy savings. The foundation for the SmartLocus approach is zone-level optimization. Deep Machine Learning and Big Data analytics continuously analyze and characterize changing conditions and their impact on occupants and energy consumption. SmartSimplicity intelligently adjusts for the impact of these changes at the zone level for the most efficient use of BAS system resources.

SmartSimplicity responds to changing conditions by making adjustments to set points such as zone temperature and VAV terminals, thereby removing the limitations caused by static set points and simplifying building operations. By intelligently optimizing multiple factors of comfort such as temperature, humidity, airflow, rate of change, and others, it offers improved comfort with substantial energy savings. It’s like a virtual facilities assistant to help manage the demanding challenges of your commercial buildings.

Machine Learning Technology

Deep Machine Learning is at the heart of the service and is the most effective way to manage the complexities of a dynamic building and the combinations of the many variables required to get the right resources to the right place at the right time. Machine learning algorithms follow the policies defined by the BAS system manager and operations team to ensure it is in compliance with guidelines.

Proactive management of hot/cold spots

In commercial buildings, internal and external conditions are constantly changing, which affects the balance between the “demand” and “supply” of cooling/heating resources.

This in turn creates hot/cold spots and impacts productivity. The actions to maintain the demand/supply balance can be automatically managed within BAS and policy guidelines.

Constant re-commissioning

System performance needs to be continuously evaluated against its original performance baseline. SmartInsights analyzes the data 24/7 and identifies operational changes and inefficiencies. This allows facilities and BAS personnel to proactively act to correct any problems that arise.

Intelligent alarms and problem mitigation

SmartSimplicity is able to recognize many types of common failures, including those from sensors (stuck temperature reading), dampers (stuck position), fans (non-changing speed), or other mechanical components. Automatic recognition of such occurrences enables it to intelligently adjust BAS set points to mitigate a problem, ensuring comfort and policy guidelines are maintained.

Occupant comfort and set point management

Establishing different set points for different zones will improve comfort and energy efficiency, but to keep set points updated for changing conditions is time intensive and not practical with today’s operational staffing. Deep Machine Learning allows for practical, intelligent processing of the many sensing devices and optimizing the multiple comfort factors such as temperature, humidity, airflow, rate of change, etc.